Ref Centre is one of three products available from E2E Soccer. The other two are League Centre and Club Centre.

Ref Centre is an effective stand-alone product, however it can add extra value when integrated with one or more of our other products. By using a shared database, information can be exchanged in any direction, seamlessly and instantly, between all E2E Soccer products, providing a full end to end (E2E) solution.

For example using Ref Centre in conjunction with League Centre (our league management system), would allow an organization to streamline their organizational processes by having instant updates in one system when data is added or changed in the other. For example:

  • Changes to game schedules, made in League Centre, are immediately reflected in Ref Centre and any affected game officials are notified of the change
  • Referees accepting game invitations in Ref Centre, are instantly added to the League Centre website’s game preview, showing the accepted official for the game
  • League administrators can view online game reports that referees have submitted on Ref Centre. This provides leagues with the ability to carry out discipline hearings quickly and efficiently

Our integrated solution can offer a soccer organization an efficient and reliable system.