Host Peterborough
Course type Small Sided
Session 1 Saturday May 4, 2019 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM
Field Session Saturday May 4, 2019 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM
Max. # of students 25
Location Adam Soctt Public School
Address 175 Langton St
City Peterborough
Postal Code K9H 6K3
Host contact Fevri Pazari
Host email
Host phone # 705 760 1789 ext
Cost $85.00
How to pay Dear ref candidates,

REFUND POLICY: If you cancel 2 weeks or more prior to the clinics date, you will be refunded your clinic fee MINUS the $30 administration fee which will be deducted from refund. If you cancel 2 weeks or less from the clinic’s date, there is NO REFUND AT ALL. By registering for this clinic, you indicate that you understand and accept the refund policy of the club in case of cancelation.

URGENT: Payment must be submitted within 72 hours (3 business days) and when necessary I might give a 24h-48hours extension (could be late in the mail) however be aware that you are not registered till you are approved and you are not approved till you have submitted payment and only then you are fully registered, guarantied a spot in the clinic and able to access and download your paperwork for the clinic.
Your registration on E2E ref centre for this clinic is PENDING CONFIRMATION and your request to register for this clinic will be confirmed by the club ONLY AFTER the fee is paid in full which we hope to receive immediately after you register (remember that registration is in first come, first served bases). Please double check your agenda and calendar before you sign up and before you pay to avoid any conflict of scheduling.

PAYMENT METHODS: There are 5 options you can pay:
Option 1: Credit card payment via Pay Pal through our sister’s rep club. To pay via credit card please follow the steps through the link below:
Option 2: E-payment which you can do by following the E-Payment Instructions: From your banking-on line account, select: Your Bank-Send Interac e-Transfer. Your Bank Name (this will be supplied by your bank) Send Interac e-Transfer- Receipt Alias (Your selected account) Date: Day, Month, 2019 Transfer Status Completed (this will appear when transfer is completed) Transfer to Peterborough Youth Soccer Club Send via Note: recommended password is refclinic ( all one word, all lower case letters).
Option 3: Cheque or Option 4: Money order: If you pay by cheques or money order please make the cheques or money order for the exact amount of clinic’s fee indicated above and MAKE CHEQUES PAYABLE to PYSC, I repeat PYSC. The cheques should be dated on the day you register (postdated cheques will not be accepted). If the payee’s last name is different from the ref candidate’s last name you MUST write under memo the name of candidate for whom you are paying for. Please mail the cheques IMEDIATELY after you register to this address:
Fevri Pazari
171 A Rink St.
Suite 114
Peterborough, ON
K9J 2J6
If you’re running out of time or prefer to drop off instead of mailing then you can drop off your cheques in person at Package Plus store here in town (at the corner of George and Rink Street). Only if you drop if off the envelope does not need a stamp but it MUST have receiver’s name so on it you MUST write:
Fevri Pazari
Suite #114
and hand it over to the person at the counter (store is open from Monday to Friday from 8:30am-5:30pm).
Option 5: Cash-You can NOT mail cash so you must drop off your cash payment in a sealed envelope ( but it does not need a stamp) and you can drop it off at Package Plus store here in town (at the corner of George and Rink Street). The envelope MUST have on it the receiver’s name so on it you MUST write:
Fevri Pazari
Suite #114
and hand it over to the person at the counter (store is open from Monday to Friday from 8:30am-5:30pm).
Thank you,
Fevri Pazari
PYSC Head Ref and the Clinic’s host
Additional notes for students Additional
Dear referee candidates,
1. This Small Sided Clinic is open to anyone who is 12 years old or older by March 31 of this year.
2. The clinic is open to anyone, no matter what club you belong to or no matter what club you are planning to ref for ( the small sided clinic allows you to ref 7vs.7 so in other words, Under 10 age groups and younger).
3. To register for this clinic you need to follow the steps in this registration process and do NOT forget to send the payment immediately after you register (I will NOT be able to confirm your registration till I receive the payment).
4. Although my cell phone number is provided I prefer to communicate via email at but before you do please read the very detailed message and remember that final details will be provided to you by the instructor of the clinic after the instructor has been assigned at a time chosen by the instructor usually closer to the clinic’s date.
5. At the clinic you will NOT need you ref’s uniform but simple plain athletic gear as well as a whistle, pen and paper. You are responsible to bring along your own lunch.
6. The clinic starts at 9am however you will need to be there at least 15 minutes prior to register at the door with the host and inside with the instructor. Lunch break time will be decided by the instructor so you will have to ask the instructor for the precise time. The clinic is supposed to end at 4pm however sometimes the instructor might finish few minutes earlier or might need you to stay for few more minutes for many reasons: to make up for time lost at lunch or to go over questionnaire or review so be prepared for staying a bit longer as per instructor’s needs and advice).
7. If you´re looking for ref´s uniform after the clinic I would suggest to buy the kit (it cost less than buying items separately) and you can get it on line, at a store near your area ( check on line).

AFTER you have registered but BEFORE you attend the clinic this is the PAPERWORK PREPARATION FOR THE CLINIC:
To attend this clinic you will need two documents. In order for you to obtain these documents you will need to go log into which is the webpage where you signed up to take the clinic and once on that page you can access your file by login in by using the exact same e-mail address and password that you used to register for the clinic. Once you’re on your personal file page you will need two things:
First: On the left hand side of the page you will see the icon “Small Sided Hand Out” and you must click on it and download and print. Please do NOT do anything with this hand out, you simply print it and then you MUST bring it with you at the clinic.
Second: On same page, on same left hand side, you will see and must click on the icon “Small Sided Laws of the Game”. You MUST print this document and bring it along with you at the clinic.
Note: The instructor and the host will be able to monitor if and when you print these documents and if you fail to bring these documents at the clinic the instructor will NOT ALLOW you to attend so if you do not want to be disappointed please make sure to follow the instructions.

Thank you,
Fevri Pazari
PYSC Head Ref and Clinic’s host

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